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Before you read what follows on this page, please go to 
for an overview on Court Case Spells. Then return here wnd
read the rest of this page. -- cat 

A few additional legal suggestions from a burned out public

1.  Don't try to talk your way out of a situation with
police. Time and time again I have had clients who thought
if they just explained the situation that the police would
let them go. It's ironic that the Supreme Court is deciding
whether or not to ditch Miranda when so many people, even
after being read their rights and hearing it constantly on
TV, don't exercise their right to remain silent.  "I don't
know anything" is about all you want to say.

2.  Don't consent to a search. If the police ask you, "Is
it alright if we search you/your car/your luggage"?  Say no.
 Tell them you're too busy now for a search.This makes
it almost impossible for your lawyer to challenge the search
later. Particularly don't consent if you have something to
hide. They may well go ahead and search you illegally, but
at least you didn't consent.

3.  If your paid lawyer isn't doing a good job, Fire him as
soon as possible.Similarly with a public defender, take
steps earlier on to get rid of one who's not doing his job. 
Don't wait till the day of trial! Also have some specific
complaints against a public defender, not just vague
dissatisfaction. Finally, about 90% of clients who think
they want a new public defender wimp out and back down when
he sweet talks them or they actually get to complain to the
judge. Don't back down, it's your liberty on the line.

4.  Don't expect justice. This is probably impossible to
explain to anyone who hasn't actually been through the court
system. Everybody complains about the courts, but inside,
in their heart of hearts, they expect that they will be
treated fairly. In addition, most people think that justice
is what they want and that the judge is a sort of Father
figure who will understand and be sympathetic to them.  Not
only will you not get what you want, but you probably won't
even be treated fairly on an objective standard.

My best advice is do everything you can to stay out of
court, but if you do get arrested get the absolute best
lawyer you can and spend whatever is necessary, unless you
value your money more than your liberty.

© 1999 Christopher Warnock, Esq. (



catherine yronwode wrote:
A querent wrote:
   I was wondering if anyone could help me in putting 
   together a mojo bag for an attorney?  I have heard 
   serval ideas. I had been told by  a local occult 
   store owner that I could make up a bag using 
        John the Conquer root
        Talisman of 3 nails with the words Justo Juez
        Indian Tobacco 
        Snake Root  
        Red Flannel 
        Court Case oil
   I have done bags before for other uses and was not 
   too sure what to use. Thank you very much for your time.

The items you list are very appropriate ingredients for a
lawyer's mojo, to increase his or her ability to persuade
others and win in court. John the Conqueror increases
personal mastery and command in any situation. I would
*also* include a Little John (Court Case) root. It is the
sine qua non of legal matter roots. Here are my proposed
additions to the list you gave above:

   Little John to Chew Root (a.k.a. Court Case Root) 
   Deer's Tongue leaves (for eloquence in speech) 
   Slippery Elm Bark chips (to forfend slander, gossip, and lies) 
   Calendula or Marigold flowers (both are said to aid court cases) 
   Solomon Seal root (for wise legal decisions) 
   Dress it with Court Case Oil (which contains some of the above)

The talisman you mention is also good. It comes from the
Afro-Caribbean tradition and it is Catholic / Santerian: The
three nails represent the crucifixion and the Justo Juez
image is a detail of the crucifixion scene from the
Santerian Seven African Powers image.

Catholic-Santeria talismans are not yet well known among
African-Americans (most of whom are members of the various
Protestant denominations), but they are certainly acceptable
and copacetic with hoodoo rootwork -- and they are becoming
better known gradually as more Santeros frequent hoodoo
candle shops and ask for such products.

Likewise, although not many Cuban, Mexican, Haitian, or
Puerto Rican Santeros have heard of Court Case Root yet, the
African-American influence on Santero/Vodoun botanicas is
slowly increasing as the demand for traditional hoodoo-style
products is being met by enterprising botanica shop-keepers.

Even some New Age / Pagan / Wiccan shops are beginning to
carry materials for practitioners of both of these styles of

© 1998 cat (looking forward to the world-mix culture)



A querent asked in usenet:

> Has any one heard of using green mustard seeds for a get  
> rid of spell? I have used black but not green. I had a Lady 
> tell me her family has used it for years.

Presuming these green mustard seeds are the same as yellow
mustard seeds, a.k.a. white mustard seeds -- i have not seen
them used in "a get rid of spell," but for protection, to
"get rid of a spell."

For Hot Foot and drive-away type spells, to get rid of
people, the folks i know always use black mustard seeds,
a.k.a. brown mustard seeds. 

To protect yourself from bad spells or get rid of tricks
laid on you, you can carry the white mustard seeds.

In Court Case work, you can mix the two -- black mustard
seeds to get rid of the enemies, white mustard seeds for
your faith in Heaven's protection.

cat yronwode 

© 2001 cat (



If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you
know her name, you can try a freezing spell. Write her name
on a piece of paper (parchment is good) in pencil or India
ink (preferably). Fold the paper in half, then in half again
until you can't fold it any more. As you do this, imagine
her influence freezing / stopping, that she cannot do
anything until the thaw. Then put some liquid (vodka works
well I've found) on the paper and put it into a corner of
your freezer. Leave it there for 30 days. Start this on the
waning moon. It should stop her from influencing people or
things about your business. It freezes her out.

© 1999 Becca (



Christopher Warnock ( wrote:
>    If anyone has used traditional hoodoo 
> (Wicca and neopagan probably works, but 
> I've got enough on my plate with just hoodoo) 
> with the IRS, either to get a quick refund, 
> avoid an audit or make the IRS go away, please 
> post the trick, the result and source of the trick. 
> I'm very interested as I just started doing a tax 
> practice (as a lawyer) again.

I would try some of the old bootlegger's Law Keep Away
spells -- Hyatt lists hundreds, as he was collecting shortly
after Prohibition ended -- also, he seems to have had a
weirdly skewed interrest in this form of magic, since he
repeatedly drew out informants to tell him their Law Keep
Away spells. I have one from Hyatt online right now (it's in
my foot-track magic section, as it employs the foot-tracks
of policemen), and i believe in my heart it could be adapted
to IRS use, if you could capture the foot tracks of IRS
agents. The URL is

More practically, to avoid an IRS audit, INS raid, or a
police bust without having to scoop behind these guys for
their foot tracks, i would use the old "crossed pennies
nailed to the threshold" spell. Do you know this one? Hyatt
gives some variants. I was taught it verbally in Oakland,
California, in the 1960s when i was dealing drugs. You nail
down a set of copper pennies using two rusty nails per
penny, bending the nails over to form X marks across the
pennies and hold them in place. The reason this spell works
was simple, as it was exploined to me: "Nail 'em down at the
door sill and no cops can enter in because they're all X'd
out; they can't cross over. And if you use rusty nails, make
'em suffer." In this equation, the cops are aymbolized by
the copper coins and X'ing the pennies "crosses them out."

How many pennies?  Hyatt gives a bunch of variations, and
eventually i will dig them out and put a few online. I was
told, "Four pennies, and arrange them in a cross" (that is,
four crossed pennies arrayed in a cross pattern). Some
people put them out in a row, along the threshold.

Facing heads or tails outward? Again, there are variations
to be found, but i was told, "Put them down with the Indian
facing out." In those days, we could still occasionally find
Indian Head pennies in change, but even then that was an
archaic instruction and i loved the way it sounded!

Why heads up? "So the Big Chief will keep a look-out for
you, like a scout, keep them off your tail." With this
understanding behind the positioning of the coins, i'm not
sure that modern Lincoln pennies would be as effective, for
Lincoln, having been a lawyer, would not be too asiduous in
protecting someone from the law! Indian Head Pennies in
fair condition can be had cheaply at any coin store.

© 1999 cat yronwode (



[I've translated this Santerian spell from a Hispanic pulp
publication titled "Presagio", by Carlos Canet. There is no
clear publication date but "#172 & 173" of Year 9 were
published in 2000. Please note: the language may seem a bit
stilted and awkward, and sometimes the instructions are
somewhat incomplete, but I have translated them verbatim
from the Spanish, keeping the sense as much as possible. 
-- VoDuWoman]

Three fresh fruits, three bird feathers, three rooster
feathers, hair from a cat and hair from a dog, the powders
Conqueror and 10 Powers, write on parchment paper with
pencil the names of the people involved, as well as their
office or position, wrap the feathers and powders in the
papers with the names written on it and bind it with crimson
and green ribbons.  This work can be buried until the case
is solved, but it is necessary to give Ochosi the three
fruits, replacing them when they rot, taking them to the
jungle or the mountain, requesting your desire.

© 2000 Carlos Canet, "Pesagio"
Translated by Debbe Evins (



Here are how I have used herbs in my spell work. Keep in
mind that I am a Wiccan, and these spells will be given as
such and not as folk magick. I have nothing against folk
magick, I love it, but I am not as versed in it as I am in 
my Wiccan studies.

Also I am omitting the directions for the magick circle, and
the invocation of any deities, and just presenting the spell

1) Wicca Herb Bag For Protection in Court

   Mix equal parts of 
        sunflower seeds
        bay leaves, and 
        skunk cabbage 
   together. Empower these on a Saturday during the Full Moon
   and carry the mixture in a
        small cloth bag 
   along with 
        some of your hair, blood, clothing, 
   or some other object link to represent you (who the
   protection is for).

2) Wicca Candle Spell for Court Cases
	Perform on a Saturday During a Full Moon
	Inscribe the name of whom the spell is for vertically on one
	side of a black candle (protection), and what you desire on
	the opposite side of the candle. You may wish to use a key
	word or phrase for your desire, using as few characters as
	possible. For example "Innocent verdict", or "Not
	guilty" -- whatever the desire is.
	Anoint the candle with vegatable oil. If you are drawing
	something to you, anoint from the top of the candle to the
	middle, and then from the bottom to the middle (toward the
	center). If you are moving something away form you, anoint
	it from the middle to the top, and from the middle to the
	bottom (away from the center).
	Take some dried 
	     skunk cabbage, 
	     bay leaves,  and 
	     sunflower seeds 
	and "crush" them in your hands, run them through your
	fingers, visualizing your desire. Spread the mixture out on
	a flat surface, and roll the anointed candle in the mixture,
	so that it sticks to the candle.
	Put the candle in a holder, and light the candle.  Look into
	the flame and strongly visualize your desire for as long as
	you possibly can. Allow the candle to burn itself out.
	Visualizing raises magickal energy, some witches may chant
	at this point to also raise magickal energy. A chant may be:
	     "Lord and Lady hear me pray 
	     Judge and Jury rule my way!"
	If there is anything left over (candle wax, herbs), bury it
	ON your property as close to your front door if the purpose
	is to draw something toward you. Bury it OFF your property
	if the purpose is to move someting away from you.
	Keep in mind that many magickal people believe that if you
	are guilty of a crime, no amount of magick will help you
	avoid the consequences.
3) Wild Onion Spell for Banishment

	Find an onion growing wild on your property, hold your hand
	over it and say:
	"This onion represents (Name), all that I do to it, I do to
	Now pluck the onion from the earth, and throw it off your
	property, saying:
	"I bear not malice, but cast out (Name)!"
	Reinforce your words with visualization, and the proper
	emotion (i.e. say the charm like you mean it -- with

Please don't email me with complaints, telling me I am wrong
or what have you.  These choices work for me, and it is my
belief and understanding that the best spells are the ones
you write yourself.

However, I do welcome varaitions on what I have shared here,
as well as improvements.  

Note on Sources:

The herbal mixture came from "Hexcraft: Dutch Country
Pow-wow Magick," by Silver Ravenwolf.

The candle spell is based on a generic candle spell that I
have been using for years.

The chant came from "Buckland's Complete Book on
Witchcraft," by Ray Buckland.

BLessed Be


© 2001 Gainemede (


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