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I personally see nothing wrong with attempting spell-work to
break someone of an unhealthy and destructive addiction. It
may not work as well as if they did it themselves (that is,
applied their own will to the problem), but it may provide
the extra little push they need to get them going in the
right direction. Like most coercive spells, it may need to
be repeated at intervals.

There are spiritual supplies (oils, incenses, powders, etc.)
made and sold for this purpose, and some that have been
found effective among them include Cast Off Evil, Blessing,
7-11 Holy, and a kind of powder from Mexico called Borracho
(drunkard) powder.

A general blessing spell can be of help and a "Cast Off
Evil" type spell is also recommended for anyone suffering
from alcoholism, but, seriously, if a person is an
alcoholic, there is a lot more going on -- especially
medically -- than will be "cured" by a spell.

If using any of these products, you can combine ingredients
to achieve the effect you are looking for -- thus, Cast Off
Evil may be used to send a loved one's drug dealer and
drug-using friends away, Blessing to improve the addict's
health and spiritual well-being, and 7-11 Holy oil, incense,
and powder in an elaborate 7-day candle-burning spell asking
for a miraculous healing.

To start, it may be good to do a blessing spell for the
person, and make it your prayer that he or she be healthy
and sound in mind and body. There are some blessing spells
at the "white magic" section of the Free Spells Archive


-- but you can do one very simply by using a white votive
candle or 7-day vigil candle, placing the person's name
beneath it on a piece of paper, dressing the candle with
Blessing Oil (or Olive Oil) and, if you have a photo of the
person, propping it up against the candle-glass. Set a glass
of water in a small, shallow glass bowl (it should be
finger-bowl or candy bowl size, not large; you can find
these at the local Goodwill or Salvation army) on one side
of the candle and on the other side set out what you
consider to be holy scripture (the Bible, Torah, Charge of
the Goddess, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Diamond Sutra, Tao Te
Ching, or so forth). Say your prayer for the person and let
the candle burn until it is finished. This kind of blessing
can be performed for anyone who is in trouble, needs
support, may be ill, or could use a helping hand.

© 1996 cat yronwode (
Lucky Mojo Curio Co.



[I've translated this Santerian spell from a Hispanic pulp
publication titled "Presagio", by Carlos Canet. There is no
clear publication date but "#172 & 173" of Year 9 were
published in 2000. Please note: the language may seem a bit
stilted and awkward, and sometimes the instructions are
somewhat incomplete, but I have translated them verbatim
from the Spanish, keeping the sense as much as possible. 
-- VoDuWoman]

You will need:

   a yam [sweet potato], 
   a small fish, 
   "Spiritual Seasoning" (1)
   two pictures of the drugged person, 
   the name of the addict written on a piece of paper, 
   the bath "To Neutralize Bad Influences" (2)
   the powders "Destroy Everything" and "Peace & Harmony" (2)

Cook the yam [sweet potato] in water and fry the fish with
"Spiritual Seasoning" (1) ; place them on a plate. Sprinkle
sugar on the written paper and one of the photos and put
them in a fireproof bowl in a safe place, toss alcohol on
them and light them so that everything in the bowl burns up.
Then place the other picture of the person before the Saints
and ask for a cure. The person must take the bath and carry
an OSAIN (3) with him all the time; he must be dusted with
the powders; when he is cured he must make a donation.

(1) "Spiritual Seasoning" is a product offered for sale
in the same publication that published this spell; it's an
herb and spice blend for use in food. -- voduwoman]

(2) If you cannot find the Santeria bath listed above, you
can substitute the similar hoodoo bath crystals called Van
Van. Likewise for the Santeria powders named, you can
substitute the hoodoo powders Cast Off Evil powder and
Blessing powder. For the Spiritual Seasoning, you can make
your own mix of Basil, Marjoram, Sage, Rosemary, Garlic, and
Salt, all of which are magical herbs that also have culinay
uses. -- cat]

(3) An OSAIN, as used here, is a small oval charm made with
colorful beads and a cowrie shell, also offered for sale in
the magazine. I have seen them listed as "macutos" in
another catalog. -- voduwoman]

© 2000 Carlos Canet, "Pesagio"
Translated by Debbe Evins (



Note: This spell cannot be turned and there is no spell that
will rebind the person once unbound. Their power will come
back; their body will be free. I would not try to make a
spell to undo this; there is no spell which will achieve
this and people that tried have been bound themselves as a
result. It should also be noted that this spell does not
help those who become bound as a result of trying to break

 Two White candles
 Two Black candles
Take the person that is bound and place him or her on his or
her back looking up. Place the two black candles at his feet
and the two whites at his head. Light them and then start
the spell.
 I call on the gods and goddesses of the old days 
     as well of those of the new.
 Break this spell that they call a binding with your power.
 Gods of light move about this man or woman's body.
 Allow your power to break the holds on him or her.
 Goddesses come down and wake his or her body.
 Allow the power that you have given this person to be woken.
 I call on the East gate.
 Break the binding spell that was placed on this person.
  Let it be removed for good.
 Do not allow a spell of binding be placed on he or she that is before me.

Place your hands to his or her chest and speak once more
 Spell Continues:
 Gods and Goddesses and the East gate, 
      help me within my workings.
 Allow your power to move within my hands 
       and allow the binding that was put upon my friend 
       to be removed and never to come within him again 
       may he live or die.
 I call on the element of the East, the element of water, 
      to fill these hands and move within this body 
      to allow the walls that hold him or her fall.
 I call on the gate of the West, the gate of fire, 
      come forth and burn these walls that hold him or her from awaking 
      and burn the walls that hold back his or her power.
 I call on the gate of the South, break the walls down with your power 
      so my friend may awaken as well his power.
 I call on the gate to the North 
      to come and let the winds move air within my friend's body.
 Unlock the binding that was placed on my friend 
      and awaken his or her power and body to never be locked again.
Move your hands down the sides of his or her body and say this.
 Spell Continues:
 O great gods and goddesses 
      and the gates that hold the elements within,
 Send your power within my hands 
      and break free my friend from this binding.
 I call on my friend; within your walls, 
      break that which holds you.
 Open your body to my power and break the walls that hold you.
 Come to me, my friend.
 O great gods and goddesses,
      do not allow the binding to work on this person any longer.
 The power of both sides, of the Light and Dark,
 Your onus is broken and you are free once more.
 As the day and night, 
     so shall you be of both this day, and not just one.
Back away once getting to his feet and dot move close tell
you see the light of light come over him or her and then the
light of Dark come over him then see his eyes move little.
Then you may go to him or her to hold and help him.

Note: How do I know this works? Because I was bound and am no
longer or I would not be speaking this, so it works. I have
not been able to be bound since and those who tried were bound

© 1998 Blue Shadow Dragon Wolf (



From the Atharvaveda, one of the oldest Vedic scriptures of
Hinduism, circa 1400 BCE, we get a demon-placating spell to
remove zits from women so that they will be found attractive
and marriageable to men:

     Some atharvanic charms were designed to 
     enhance the physical attractions of women. 
     One of the most important is the removal 
     of blemishes on the skin, regarded as the 
     work of demons, some of whom were named. 
     Several divinities were invoked for aid, 
     including Savitar, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, 
     each being assigned to remove particular 
     unsightly marks. The goddess Anumati (the
     personification of divine favour) is
     especially invoked since women's happiness 
     was her motive in creating them. (Atharaveda 
     I.18). To remove blemishes, the ritual 
     prescribes sprinkling the woman's face with 
     water, the purifier par excellence, followed 
     by an offering of chaff from a vessel of 
     palasa wood, the residue being poured on 
     the ground to placate the raksasas and other 
     demons responsible for the blemishes. Then
     more chaff, wood shavings, and other 
     worthless material are placed on her left 
     foot (the left in ritual and folklore always 
     being the inauspicious side). The worthless 
     materials represent the blemishes, which are 
     then symbolically washed off the woman. Each 
     person is said to be born with 101 marks on 
     the body, some auspicious and some not. 
     Eye-brows which meet were deemed especially 

     page 51
     "Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore"
     by Margaret Stutley 
     (Great Eastern Book Company, 1980)
posted by cat yronwode (



All you have to do is get two people together, and have the
one who wants to buy the pounds pay the person selling them.

Then they shake hands and the deal is done.

It usually takes a week or so, and ten pounds is about all
you can transfer at a time.

Best Wishes,

John M. Hansen

© 1999 John M. Hansen (   



OMG! Get out! And to think of all the time and energy I've
wasted on Slim-Fast!

No actualy, I've found result by using an egg to transfer
the weight. I take a bath with pungent herbs like
eucalyptus and the like and then rub a raw egg [in the shell
--cat] all over my body while chanting "take my fat" over
and over. Then in the middle of the night I break it at the
crossroads and then walk away without looking back. My
theory is for the weight to be distribute among the

I also carry a mojo Cat fixed up for me and it has worked
wonders. I sheepishly admit that at my heaviest I weighed
in at 300lbs. I now weigh 234 and It's been less than a
year since I got the mojo and done the egg-weight-transfer.

Credit is also due to the Atkin's Diet. I can eat like a
horse and still lose weight! Currently I am nibbling on a
Burger-King Whopper with Heavy Lettuce, pickles, and mayo,
minus the bread. Ummm...good stuff.

If anyone would like to try the above please make sure to
break the egg at a crossroads you will never visit again.
You definitely don't want the flab back, and trust me it's
your flab in the first place and it naturaly wants to come
back to you. I messed up my first try real good and dropped
the egg on the ground and splattered egg all over my jeans.
I gained 6 pounds that week.


© 1999 Jason Gammon (   



Brad Stultz (a Wiccan) wrote:

> I'm writing because my girlfriend  
> has been very emotionally saddened 
> for the past week or so. She's not 
> sure why, and neither am I. I was 
> wondering if you could possibly suggest 
> some [spell=work] for me to do. Any 
> kind help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here's my take on it all: 

When someone gets emotionally sad like that for no
known reason -- especially a woman -- i usually
suspect hormonal imbalance. It can be a female
hormone thing (e.g. estrogen-mediated) or it could
be a generic brain-chemical thing (e.g. low
serotonin). Before beginning any spell work, i
would try to address the physical roots of the
depression -- by doing things to raise serotonin
and to get the old estrogen/oxytocin pump tuned
and oiled. Here are a few suggestions:

Serotonin enhancing activities 
(may be combined for best effect):

* rhythmic motions 
    (chewing gum, kneading, suckling, knitting, 
* making love
* getting enough sleep
* taking melatonin to sleep if needed
     (melatonin is a seratonin byproduct that 
     may be temporarily low)
* being praised by someone you respect
* being massaged
* moderate physical exercise
* drinking St. John's Wort tea 
     or taking it in capsules

Estrogen/oxytocin tuning activities 
(may be combined for best effect):

* being suckled on
* drinking angelica root (dong quai) 
     and/or licorice root tea
* having an orgasm
* being groomed by someone, especially having the hair
* taking DHEA tablets as directed on label of product
     (DHEA is an estrogen/testosterone precursor)

After initiating a program that includes as many
of the above activities as possible, then it is
time to fashion a spell of helpful healing and
blessing. I'm going to make this spell very simple
-- something anyone can do --

Because the subject is a woman, i suggest a spell
that employs in it a piece of angelica root. Just
as this root is made into a drinkable tea for its
phyto-estrogens on the medical plane, so also is
it used as a power object to enhance the strength
of women magically. A whole angelica root is best,
if you can find one (i sell them; so do others on
the net; mine are $2.00 each). You work in the
Wicca tradition, so i expect you should "charge"
the root in whatever manner you have been taught,
drawing into it healing power (in hoodoo, my path,
we don't need to do this step because we see the
root as being already powerful and not in need of
"charging"). Next, dedicate the root to your
girlfriend, by carving her initials on it or her
sigil and then dressing or anointing it with an
appropriate oil, such as hoodoo style Blessing
Oil, HHH Oil (for health, harmony and happiness),
or 7-11 Holy Oil -- or with some Wiccan style oil
that has a similar name and purpose.

Place the root in a red flannel carrying bag (a
mojo bag, or whatever folks call it in Wicca) with
two other things to help her. You need three
things here, and the root is one of them. The
other two things can be chosen based on your
tradition -- or use some typical hoodoo items,
like a lucky coin (that new Sacagaweya golden
dollar coin looks GREAT for female strength!!!)
and a pinch of healing Althaea herbs.

Light a simple white candle and some blessing-type
incense (We use Blessing incense in hoodoo; i
don't know what folks call it in Wicca -- it has
althaea herb in it and other things). Dress the
bag itself with a little bit of the oil too.
"Smoke" the dressed bag in the incense smoke and
pass it over the candle flame three times as you
speak aloud your prayer (to whomever you pray) for
her restoration to complete and perfect health,
harmony, and happiness.

Let her carry the bag on her for bouyant emotional
strength -- and be sure to also follow up on the
practical, physical activities i mentioned.

Good luck, 

© 1999 cat yronwode (     


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