A Companion to
the Dr. Strange Comic Books

compiled by catherine yronwode
with nagasiva yronwode



The Ritual Artifacts and Power Objects of the Art

      Orb of Agamotto
      Other Orbs and Orb-like Artifacts
      Wands, Scepters, and Rods
      Enchanted Jewels
      Dolls, Models, and Effigies
      Miscellaneous Weapons
      Magical Miscellany

Enchantments, Spells, and Incantations of the Vishanti

      A Frequency Graph of Rhymed and Unrhymed Spells

      Spells from:

      Strange Tales (vol.1) 110-111, 114-168 (1963-1968)
      Spider-Man Annual 2 (1965)
      Dr. Strange (vol.1) 169-183 (1968-1969)
      Avengers 61 (1969) (x-over between D.S. 178/179)
      Sub-Mariner 22 (1970) (x-over after D.S. 183)
      Incredible Hulk 126 (1970) (x-over after SUB. 22)
      Marvel Premiere 3-14 (1972-1974)
      Dr. Strange (vol.2 ) 1-81 (1974-1987)
      Tomb of Dracula 44 (1976) (x-over between D.S. 13/14
      Unpublished Spells
      Giant-Size Dr. Strange 1 (1975) (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Dr. Strange Annual 1 (1976)
      Nightmare: Marvel Novel Series 7 [XXX date?] (prose)
      Dr. Strange/Silver Dagger (1983) (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Dr. Strange Classics (1984) (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Marvel Graphic Novel 23 : Dr. Strange: Into Shambhala (1986)
      Strange Tales (vol.2 )1-19 (1987-1988)
      Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme 1-90 (1988-1996)
      Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom Triumph and Torment (1989) (GN)
      Ghost Rider vol.2 (1991) 12 (X-over between Dr.S.S.S. 27/28)
      Dr. Strange/Ghost Rider (1991) (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme Annual (1992-1994) 2-4
      Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme Special (1992)
      Marvel Select: Strange Tales (GN)
      Spider-Man/Dr. Strange The Way to Dusty Death (1992)
      Dr. Strange vs. Dracula (1994) 1 (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Dr. Strange: What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen? (1997) (GN)
      Marvel Knights (2000-20001) 7-9
      Amalgam: Doctor Strangefate (1996)
      Untold Tales of Spider-Man Strange Encounter (1998)
      Dr. Strange vol.3 (1999)
      Essential Dr. Strange (2002) (reprint; not re-indexed)
      Dr. Strange: A Separate Reality (2002) (reprint; not re-indexed)



AMULETS -- Doctor Strange has possessed 2 amulets of Light and Truth

ST 110 --- the first one, the Enchanted Amulet
ST 111 --- was also called the All-Seeing Eye
ST 120 --- and was used as a 3rd eye
ST 123 --- it could create a "protective shield".
ST 127 --- the second amulet was given to Dr. S. by the A.O.
ST 130 --- it also can create a shield called an "ionic screen"
ST 136 --- the light produced by the amulet was originally said to "come from"
                  the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto
ST 138 --- the second amulet had been given to the A.O. by Eternity
ST 141 --- and was called the Mystic Eye
ST 143 --- it has both a "spiritual" and a "physical" form
ST 145 --- the 3rd eye form came to be called the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto
ST 149 --- then the Amulet itself was called the Amulet of Agamotto
DS 177 --- the Eye can travel through dimensions on errands;
                  since that time its name & attributes have remained fixed.

A note on the real-world origins of this amulet: Steve Ditko apparently got the idea for the visual look of the Amulet of Agamotto from a fairly common kind of amulet found in the Buddhist regions of Northern India. Called "The Eye of Buddha," it is a pendant, worn on a necklace cord as an apotropaic charm to ward off the Evil Eye (Mal Occhio) and to protect the bearer from misfortune. Around the eye itself, which is generally made of a type of brown-and-white ringed agate stone called "eye agate," there is a circle of sixteen smaller circular bosses -- which on close inspection prove to be representations of small snail shells. These refer to a celebrated incident in the life of Buddha when he became engrossed in meditation while sitting in the hot sun and was in danger of dying from heatstroke until a band of devoted snails crawled up onto his head and gave their lives by secreting mucus until they had cooled his head. Statues and paintings of Buddha seated in meditation with what apears to be a strange hair-do of tight little curls all over his head are actually examples of "snail-headed Buddha" and the eye charm shown here also reverentially immortalizes the sainted land-mollusks, known affectionately as the Snail Martyrs.

The scripter Stan Lee, probably not familiar with Steve Ditko's visual sources, first called this item "the Enchanted Amulet," but that was a too-generic name, so he changed it to the "All-Seeing Eye," in reference to conventional European images of the eye of Jehovah, the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian creator-god. Jehovah is often depicted as a single eye looking down from the heavens, but never shown surrounded by sixteen circular snail-shells, as is the Eye of Buddha. Early issues of Dr. Strange often display this cultural tug-of-war, with Ditko referencing Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese religio-magical images, in keeping with the character's origin story, and Lee bringing in European-sounding names as he scripted over Ditko's stories.

Eventually the Jewish-Christian-Islamic "All-Seeing Eye" was re-named the "Mystic Eye"; later still it came to be identified with another Ditko creation, the Orb of Agamotto (a crystal ball), and henceforward it was known as the "Amulet of Agamotto," although fans generally refer to it as the "Eye of Agamotto."

(Thanks to Denis McFarling for the drawing of the Amulet of Agamotto.
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ST 118 --- Originally it was a world globe which could be used to pinpoint
                 outbreaks of evil magic -- it was called The Earthly Scanner
ST 125 --- While still a world globe, it was called the Eye of Agamotto
ST 132 --- also the Eternal Eye and the Orb of Agamotto.
ST 141 --- one other name was the Mystic Globe
ST 147 --- It was called the Crystal of Agamotto & from that time on it has
                 been a crystal ball
MP 3 --- Dr. Strange broke it once in the realm of N.M.
MP 5 --- but Clea restored it
DS 1 --- It acquired a new holder of twisted metal
DS 28 --- and later appeared on a pedestal of stone without a holder
DS 1 --- There is an "unreal" subjective dimension inside the Orb
TOD 44, DS 14 --- and it can be used to store bodies in also.


ORBS are common ritual objects -- several other famous ones are:
ST 133 --- the Mystic Symbol Globe of Shazana, broken by Dr.S.
ST 148 --- Kaluu's Crystal Ball
ST 162 --- Mordo's Enchanted Globe
DS 175 --- the Satan-Sphere -- an extra-large crystal used by the S.of S.

Similar to ORBS, and used in divination & telepathic communication are
MP 4 --- The Oracle of Agamotto -- a back-up device used by Dr.S.
                 after the ORB was broken and before Clea mended it.
ST 151 --- The Lamp of Lucifer -- Umar's tool for revealing flashbacks
ANN1. --- The Soul-Mirror of Phaseworld which links Lectra's & Phaydra's souls.
                 It gets broken.
ST 116 --- The Book of the Vishanti contains "every counter-spell known to the
                 mystic arts"
ST 148 --- "It may never be used to attack, but only in defence."
ST 148 --- The book itself is enchanted and can reflect evil spells.
DS 175 --- It is guarded with a spell called "the Shield of Not-Seeing"
There are many other famous BOOKS of magic --
ST 145 --- The Book of Oshtur -- also owned by Dr. S.
MP 4 --- The Thanatosian Tomes, the Black Sea Scrolls and Von Junet's
                 Unausprechlichen Kulten are in the public library at Statesboro, Vermont.
                 [c.f. Blind Willie McTell's "Statesboro Blues"]
MP 5 --- The Nekronomicon (one copy of it, that is) is in the Vatican Library
MP 12 --- The Book of Cagliostro, dealing with all the secrets of time, was owned
                 by Lilias & stolen by Mordo
ANN 1 --- The Book of Continuous Writing at the Temple of Man records
                 all events which transpire there.


There are numerous WANDS, SCEPTORS, and RODS --

ST 116 --- The Mystic Prod a.k.a. Rod-Wand is owned by N.M.
ST 129 --- The Wondrous Wand of Tiboro produces an "ectoplasmic ray" --
DS 178 --- but it was apparently destroyed by the Black Knight.
SP Ann. 2 --- The Wand of Watoomb is a two-faced dorje "from another dimension";
DS 179 --- Dr.S drains its power into the Eye of Agamotto.

[A note on the real-world origins of this amulet: Steve Ditko may have gotten the idea for the visual look of the Wand of Watoomb from a popular regious tool found in Nepal and Tibet. Called a dorje (or vajra in Hindi), it represents a thunderbolt from heaven and symbolized spiritual power. It is handled and carried by priests of the indigenous Bon religion and by lamas of Tibetan Buddhism (a religion that blendsIndian Buddhism with Bon) during worship services. ] .
ST 162 --- The Staff of Polar Power, owned by Nebulos, was captured by the Living
DS 175 --- The S.of.S possess sceptors --
DS 176, Av 61 --- as well as the scepter-like Crystals of Conquest.
H 126 --- The Sceptre of Shadow owned by Nightcrawler, created darkness,
                 until it was broken by Barbara Dentin Norris.
MP 14 --- The priests of death at Sodom (or Gomorrah) possess magical scepters.

ST 119 --- Aggamon's Jeweled Demolisher Beam is a weapon powered by the will.
ST 119 --- The Purple Crystal is a "device to bridge the dimensions" -- it led
ST 123 --- to the Purple Dimension & Loki tried to break it while fighting with Dr.S.
ST 167 --- The Transhypnotic Jewel is both a dimension-spanning device & a link to
                 one's dimension. It was owned by the A.O. and has the power to
                 transform matter into imagination. (see dimensions)
DS 31 --- The Eye of Zartra, an enchanted "eldritch gem" is plucked by Prince Namor I
                 from the
DS 32 -- Sword of Kamuu (thus halving its power) and given as a token of friendship
                 to Dr.S.

CANDLES have magical properties. --

ST 112 --- A Paralyzing Vapour Candle is used by Mordo -- if allowed to burn itself
                 out, the victim dies; if it is snuffed, the victim lives.
ST 124 --- candles can be used for time travel
ST 150 --- and it is implied that they then partake of the flames of the Faltine.


The "Voodoo"-like use of DOLLS or MODELS is not uncommon --

ST129 --- The Screaming Idol, effigy of Tiboro found in Peru, transports people to
                 the 6th dimension.
ST 115 --- Mordo conjures the Vapours of Valtorr around a statue of the A.O.
DS 169 --- Note: in another version of this story, the doll does not appear &
                 the vapors have been replaced by the Flames of the Faltine. This later
                 version is corrupt however, as the Faltine were not mentioned until
                 ST 142! This error is attributable to the scribe R.T.'s having misplaced
                 his spectacles.
ST 117 --- Mordo also enchants Dr.S.' house (& self) into another dimension
                 by means of a model.
DS 19 --- Stygyro uses a model of the earth to produce an earthquake.
SS 183, SUB 22 --- The Undying Ones seek to enter Earth via a statue of the
                 Nameless One.
DS 32 --- N.M.'s dream-images of sleeping mortals can be crushed to gain control
                 over said mortals.

Some miscellaneous WEAPONS with magical powers --
(see also WANDS and JEWELS as some of these are WEAPONS)
ST 140 --- the Pincers of Power owned by the Dread Dormammu, & used for
                 hand-to-hand mystic combat.
DS 1 --- Silver Dagger's Silver Dagger, which can pierces auras. it is "enchanted."
DS 31 --- the Sword of Kamuu, an Atlantean artifact, wielded by Alaric until his defeat
DS 32 --- due to the sword's curse on those who injure Atlanteans. Namor I gains
                 possession of it. (see JEWELS -- Eye of Zartra)


ST 127 --- The Cloak of Levitation, owned by Dr.S., was a gift from the A.O.
ST 136 --- it is controlled "by the will alone"
DS 172 --- and has "powers independent of" its owner.
ST 117 --- The Ring of the Ancient One can be used to allow Dr.S.' E.F. do
                 everything his P.B. can do -- as well as to take on the form of the
                 A.O. himself.
ST 149 --- The Serum of the Seraphim is "the most potent medicine known to the
ST 159 --- The Mystic Shield, engraved with strange runes reveals the source of evil.
ST 158 --- The Glass of Doom a.k.a. the Sands of Death is an oversized hourglass
                 owned by The Living Tribunal.
DS 32 --- two mirrors are needed for a "radical spell" used to renew the shield around
                 Dr.S's sanctum.
                 The Creators use the Cosmic Wheel of Change to become stars.


{{this page was left blank to accomodate future additions to the list of Ritual Objects. }}



The task of indexing the rhymed & unrhymed spells given in The Book of the Vishanti & collected from other sources is beyond the reach of the present author. A more or less chronological order is therefore followed and marginal notes establish whether the incantation falls into one of the following rather broad categories:

Control over the Minds or Bodies of Others
Time -- Distortion and Travel
Space -- Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Levitation

and further specify the exact nature of the spell.

Two families of spells are also given an additional notation:

Unrhymed spells are given in plain text, rhymed spells in italics.

Unless the incantation was made by Dr. Strange the speaker is also indicated by a marginal note.

Initials appearing in conjunction with title and issue numbers are those of the scripter.

Spells from Strange Tales begin on page 16
Spells from (old series) Dr. Strange on page 30
Spells from Marvel Premiere on page 37
Spells from (new series) Dr. Strange on page 40
Spells from Defenders begin on page 60
Spells from x-overs (e.g. AV 61, H 126, etc.) are inserted in chronological order
Spells from guest appearances start on page 65
Unpublished spells begin on page 70


Rhymed = R / Unrhymed = U

110 -- S.L. -- 0
111 -- S.L. -- 0
114 -- S.L. -- 0
115 -- S.L. -- 2U
116 -- S.L. -- 1U
117 -- S.L. -- 1U
118 -- S.L. -- 1U
119 -- S.L. -- 0
120 -- S.L. -- 2U
121 -- S.L. -- 1U
122 -- S.L. -- 1U
123 -- S.L. -- 1U, 1R
124 -- S.L. -- 1U, 2R
125 -- S.L. -- 0
126 -- S.L. -- 1U
127 -- S.L. -- 2U
128 -- S.L. -- 0
129 -- S.L. -- 0
XXX somewhere in here (check Lou's Chronology)
Sp. Ann.
2 -- S.L. -- 1U, 1R
130 -- S.L. -- 1R
131 -- S.L. -- 1U, 1R
132 -- S.L. -- 2U
133 -- S.L. -- 0
134 -- S.L. -- 0
135 -- S.L. -- 1R
136 -- S.L. -- 1U, 1R
137 -- S.L. -- 0
138 -- S.L. -- 1U
139 -- S.L. -- 0
140 -- S.L. -- 0
141 -- S.L. -- 1U
142 -- S.L. -- 1R
143 -- R.T. -- 1R
144 -- R.T. -- 0
145 -- D.O. -- 0
146 -- S.L. -- 1U
147 -- S.L./D.O. -- 2U
148 -- D.O. -- 1U
149 -- D.O. -- 3U
150 -- R.T. -- 1U
151 -- S.L. -- 3R
152 -- S.L. -- 3R
153 -- S.L. -- 2U, 2R
154 -- S.L. -- 2R
155 -- S.L. -- 2U, 2R
156 -- S.L. -- 2R
157 -- S.L. -- 1U, 2R
158 -- R.T. -- 2R
159 -- R.T. -- 4R
160 -- R.M. -- 3R
161 -- R.M. -- 0
162 -- J.L. -- 1U, 5R
163 -- J.L. -- 2R
164 -- J.L. -- 1U
165 -- J.L. -- 1U, 4R
166 -- J.L./D.A. -- 1R
167 -- D.O. -- 1U, 1R
168 -- D.O. -- 2U, 1R
169 -- R.T. -- 3U
170 -- R.T. -- 1R
171 -- R.T. -- 1R
172 -- R.T. -- 1U, 1R
173 -- R.T. -- 2U, 1R
174 -- R.T. -- 1R
175 -- R.T. -- 1U, 2R
176 -- R.T. -- 2U, 1R
177 -- R.T. -- 3U, 2R
178 -- R.T. -- 2R
61 -- R.T. -- 1R
179 -- REPRINT Sp. Ann. 2
180 -- R.T. -- 1R
181 -- R.T. -- 1U, 2R
182 -- R.T. -- 1R
183 -- R.T. -- 2R
22 -- R.T. -- 1R
126 -- R.T. -- 2R
3 -- S.L. -- 4U, 2R
4 -- A.G. -- 0
5 -- G.F. -- 1U, 1R
6 -- G.F. -- 1U
7 -- G.F. -- 1R
8 -- G.F. -- 2U, 1R
9 -- S.E. -- 1R
10 -- S.E. -- 1R
11 -- REPRINT ST 115
12 -- S.E. -- 1U, 1R
13 -- S.E. -- 1R
14 -- S.E. -- 0
1 -- R
2 -- S.E. --0
3 -- REPRINT ST 125
4 -- S.E. -- 1R
5 -- S.E. -- 0
6 -- S.E. -- 2R
7 -- S.E. -- 2U
8 -- S.E. -- 0
9 -- S.E. -- 3R
10 -- S.E. -- 1R
11 -- S.E. -- 1R
12 -- S.E. -- 1R
13 -- S.E. -- 1R
44 -- M.W. -- 1U
14 -- S.E. -- 1U
15 -- S.E. -- 1U, 2R
16 -- S.E. -- 1U, 1R
17 -- S.E. -- 0
18 -- S.E. -- 2R
19 -- M.W. -- 1U
20 -- M.W. -- 3U, 1R
1 -- M.W. -- 2U
21 -- REPRINT DS 169
22 -- M.W. -- 2U, 2R
23 -- M.W. -- 1R
24 -- J.S. -- 0
25 -- J.S. -- 0
26 -- J.S. -- 0
27 -- R.S. -- 0
28 -- R.S. -- 1U
29 -- R.S. -- 1R
30 -- R.S. -- 2R
31 -- D.Mc./R.S. -- 1R
32 -- R.S. -- 1U, 2R
33 -- R.Mc. -- 3U, 2R
34 -- R.Mc. -- 2U
35 -- R.Mc. -- 1U
36 -- R.Mc. -- 0



ST 115 (S.L.) Banish: Forces of Darkness

I summon the powers of the Vishanti!
By the spell of the Dread Dormammu,
in the name of the All-Seeing Agamotto --
all thy powers I summon ---
begone, Forces of Darkness!


[Note: see p. 30, this volume]

ST 115 (S.L.) Conjure: Evil Power of Dormammu
Dormammu accept my incense offering!
Let the force of your power descend upon
my enemy! Let him feel your fatal touch!
I beseech you, Dormammu!


[Note: see p. 30, this volume]

ST 116 (S.L.) Conjure: the Mists of Hoggoth & the Path of Hoggoth
                       which leads to N.M.'s world
(dimension #1, vol. 2, page 13)
In the name of the Dread Dormammu --
in the name of the All-Seeing Agamotto --
by the Powers that dwell in Darkness --
I summon the Hosts of Hoggoth!
Lead me to the source of Evil!
Obey the words of Dr. Strange!
[Note: this is said to be a "dangerous" incantation.]

ST 117 (S.L.) Invoke: Forces of Good
By the power of the Vishanti --
in the name of the All-Seeing Ancient One --
I summon all the forces of good --
and focus their blinding power upon you,
through the facets of this ring!
[Note: this must be used in conjunction with a ring.]

ST 118 (S.L.) Space: Dimensional Travel
                       (to dimension #4, see vol. 2, page 14)
By the dread power of the Vishanti --
in the name of the Mighty Mormammu [sic] --
let my cloak pierce the barrier between dimensions -- -- thus!
[Note: this must be used in conjunction with a cloak]


ST 120 (S.L.) Banish: Eerie Imprisoning Mists

In the name of the Dread Dormammu!!
By the Hosts of the Hoary Hoggoth!
I call upon the Mystic Realm!
Let the fury of the ageless Vishanti show
itself -- Dr. Strange commands!
By the twelve moons of Munnopor --
my will must be done!!
[after the mists dissolve]
It is done! In the name of the venerated
Ancient One, I dismiss the powers
that be! They have served me well!

ST 120 (S.L.) Banish: a Being to its Home Dimension
                       (in this case, dimension #6, vol 2, page 15)
Let the vapors of the Vishanti drive
you from the sight of man! Let the
mystic Hosts of Hoggoth prevent you
from ever returning again!

ST 120 (S.L.) Repulse: Humans, 5' Radius
I summon the spells
of the omnipotent Oshtur!

ST 121 (S.L.) Banish: Beings From Whence They Came (Whence Spell)
                       (1st Whence Spell)
Begone denizens of the dark! Let the
clean light of my enchanted amulet
bathe over you! Let all the Hosts of
Hoggoth send you back to the nether-
world from whence you came!!
Begone -- I command you!!
[Note: to be used in conjunction with an amulet]

ST 122 (S.L.) Banish: Being From Whence it Came (Whence Spell)
Begone Gulgol! Begone thing of
darkness --- return --- return to the
netherworld from whence you came!
Dr. Strange commands you!
[Note: this is a fake spell as the Gulgol was actually a hypnotic illusion created by Dr.S.]


ST 123 (S.L) Conjure: a Giant Hand from a Shadowy Dimension
                       (dimension #7, possible home of Hoggoth's Hosts
                       (see dimension #7, vol. 2, page 15)

In the name of the Dread Dormammu --
by the power of the deathless Vishanti --
I call upon the Hosts of Hoggoth!
heed the words of thy mortal servant!

ST 123 (S.L.) Time: Distortion (1st Rhymed Spell)
                       (see vol. 2, page 60)
Hammer of Thor, return to your master!
Though he was falling, you fall faster!

ST 124 (S.L.) Time: Travel to the Past
                       (see vol. 2, page 60)

By the power of the Dread Dormammu!
By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!
I bid you fade -- fade -- fade away!
Take shape again in yesterday!

ST 124 (S.L.) Banish: Darkness (While on a Time-Trip)
                       (see vol. 2, page 60)

By the shades of the Seraphim --
I forbid the darkness to close in!
[Note: this spell fails to achieve the desired effect.]

ST 124 (S.L.) Banish: Someone to the Time of their Origin
                       (see vol. 2, page 6)

By the power of the Dread Dormammu,
let the mists of time envelop thee --
let the centuries reclaim their own!!

ST 126 (S.L.) Space: Dimensional Travel
                       (see dimension #9, vol. 2, page 16)

By the shades of the Seraphim --
in the name of the All-Seeing Agamotto --
I dispatch thee to -- the domain
of the Dread Dormammu!!!

ST 127 (S.L.) Banish: All-Purpose
Back, creatures of the night!!
Back -- I command you, by the
seven rings of Raggadorr!


ST 127 (S.L.) Misc: Strengthen Another

May the light of the Vishanti shine
upon Dr. Strange -- and may the
omnipotent Oshtur grant him wisdom
and strength!
ST 130 (S.L.) Control: Paralyze Another
In the name of the eternal Vishanti,
I command you, let your limbs become like stone --
Let the power of movement be lost to you --
Until I am gone!

ST 131 (S.L.) Control: To Teleport Another
Let your body vanish -- and your atoms race --
With the speed of thought thru time and space!!

ST 132 (S.L.) Conjure:Bands of Cyttorak
Let the crimson bands of Cyttorak surge forth,
seeking the one who is near.
Minion of M.

ST 132 (S.L.) Banish: Bands of Cyttorak
Let the crimson bands thus be dissolved!
Minion of M.

ST 132 (S.L.) Conjure: Orb (called "Eye") of Agamotto
By all the hoary hosts of Hoggoth,
I command thee, awesome Agamotto,
let thine all-seeing eye open before me!

XXX says 131, but out of order, please check
ST 131 (S.L.) Banish: Beings From Whence They Came (Whence Spell)
By the omnipotent Oshtur!
By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!
In the name of the eternal Vishanti!
Begone! Return to the nothingness
from whence you have come
[Note: the beings had not come from "nothingness",
but from Dormammu's realm. Nevertheless the spell
proves effective.]


ST 135 (S.L.) Control: To Teleport Another

By the seven rings of Raggadorr --
By Cyttorak's crimson bands!
I send thee through the unseen door --
Go thou where my spell command!

ST 136 (S.L.) Space: Dimensional Travel
                       (see dimension #13, vol. 2, page 16)
Demons of darkness at my command --
Transport me to the hidden land!
[Note: because the scroll upon which this spell
was written was badly deteriorated, Dr.S. was
under the mistaken impression that it would
take him to Eternity's realm.

ST 136 (S.L.) Banish: Beings From Whence They Came (Whence Spell)
In the name of the eternal Vishanti,
may the light of the all-seeing Eye of
Agamotto send them back from whence
they came! Begone, helpless ones!
You are free!

ST 138 (S.L.) Banish: Mind-Clouding Spell
By the vapors of Valtorr, let thy mind be cleared!

ST 141 (S.L.) Banish: Vapors of Valtorr
May the shades of the Seraphim banish
the vapors of Valtorr! In the name of
the Vishanti I speak!

ST 142 (S.L.) Banish: Entrapping Spell
By the mystic moons of Munnopor --
By the demons of night and day --
By the flames of the flawless Faltine --
Let yon spell be dissolved away!
the Demon


ST 143 (R.T.) Conjure: Cloak or Amulet

Cloak or amulet, wherever ye may be --
May the crimson bands of Cyttorak
Reveal thee to me!

ST 146 (S.L.) Banish: Evil Spells of Entrapment and Exile
Let those banished to hidden dimensions
be returned to their rightful place!
Let the dominion of evil be lifted from
their hearts! By the shades of the
Seraphim do I command it!

ST 147 (S.L./D.O.) Conjure: Shades of the Shadow Demons
By the seven rings of Raggadorr,
may my future actions be visible
only to the evil ones before me!
Heed my incantation, O shades
of the shadowy demons! Reveal
thyselves to the blackhearted
mortals who stand before thee!
Thus speaks thy master!
Thus speaks Dr. Strange!

ST 147 (S.L./D.O.) Banish: Shades of the Shadowy Demons
Shadowy demons -- begone!
The die is cast! Thus speaks Dr. Strange!

ST 148 (D.O.) Control: Paralyze and Brainwash
You will be immobilized for a day!
And, when the spell is gone, you will
see the evil your master proposes!
By the spirits of the sky and earth do I
command it!


ST 149 (D.O.) Banish: Mystic Bonds

By the omnipotent Oshtur -- by the
enchanted realm of the Vishanti --
let these mystic bonds melt into
the void! Thus do the Ancient One and
Dr. Strange command!
A.O. & Dr.S.

ST 149 (D.O.) Banish: Demons of Denak
Let the amulet of Agamotto bathe the
creatures of darkness in light! By
the shades of the Seraphim do I so

ST 150 (R.T.) Banish: Marduk's Sacred Griffin
By the crimson bands of Cyttorak,
by the shadowy shades of the Seraphim,
I command thee -- begone!

ST 151 (S.L.) Conjure: Visions of the Past
By the demons of darkness!
By the oath I now speak!
Umar commands --
Reveal what I seek!

[Note: used with the Lamp of Lucifer]

ST 151 (S.L.) Conjure: Visions of the Past
By the flames of the Faltine,
I command you -- show me!
What Umar wills must ever be!
Such is my power, my dark sorcery!

[Note: used with the Lamp of Lucifer]

ST 151 (S.L.) Conjure: Visions of the Past
Flaming Lamp of Lucifer!
By Cyttorak's Crimson Bands!
Reveal the image I do seek --
Umar so commands!

[Note: used with the Lamp of Lucifer]


ST 152 (S.L.) Banish: Hostile Demons

By Raggadorr's Seven Rings!
By Cyttorak's Crimson Bands!
Let yon demons feel Valtorr's Stings --
So Dr. Strange commands!

ST 152 (S.L.) Conjure: Twin Spirits
By the demons of darkness --
by the touchstone of fear --
at the summons of Umar --
let twin spirits appear!


ST 152 (S.L.) Banish: Enchanted Bonds
Let my amulet shine brighter than day!
Let freedom be mine --
Let the bonds turn to clay!

By Raggadorr's seven Rings -- It must be so!

ST 153 (S.L.) Control: Mindless Ones
Back, you denizens of the deepest dark --
Back, you murderous mockeries of mortal
man -- Dr. Strange commands!!!
Let the pulsating power of everlasting
enchantment scatter you before me!

[Note: this spell doesn't work because the M.O.'s possess powers of sorcery too.]

ST 153 (S.L.) Control: Mindless Ones
By the shining, shimmering shades of
the Seraphim, I now command --
Let the gleaming, glittering glare
issue forth --- with the sudden
stunning fury of a serpent's sting!{{SIC}}

[More fine-tuning of the html coding to be done; what follows is raw, but readable. This sub-site is under construction!]


ST 153 (S.L.) -- Banish: Control Over Others (Sat-Van Spell)

By the power of darkness,
in the name of the Satannish,
I release the brainless multitude --
let my mind control now vanish!


ST 153 (S.L.) Banish: an Enchanted Prison

Venerated Vishanti,
I do supplicate thee!
Everlasting Vishanti,
let fair Clea be free!

ST 154 (S.L.) Misc.: To Rejoin the E.F. and P.B.

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!
Let my mystic will be done!
Now as I command it,
let my double selves be one!

ST 154 (S.L.) Banish: Demons With Munnopor's Mists (ING Spell)

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr!
By the power of dark and gloom!
Let the mystic mists of Munnopor
send yon demons to their doom!
In the name of the all-seeing --
in the name of the all-knowing --
in the name of the all-freeing
let the mists be ever growing!

ST 155 (S.L.) Space: Rapid Dimensional Travel (to V.B.L. #23 -- see vol. 2, p. 27)

By the Vapors of Valtorr
wherein the Nameless dwell --
by the roving Rings of Raggadorr
let my speed exceed her spell!

ST 155 (S.L.) Banish: an Evil Spell

Let that which is be not!
Let that which was live on!
Let Clea be forgot!
Reverse thy course! Begone!


ST 155 (S.L.) Banish: an Evil Spell (Sat-Van Spell)

By the demons of darkness --
in the name of Satannish --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let the deadly sting vanish!

ST 155 (S.L.) Banish: Mystic Bonds

Let the fiery Flames of the Faltine
free you of your sudden bondage!!
Let that which I ordain come to pass!

ST 156 (S.L.) Misc.: To Revive Zom

In the name of the eternal --
by the Rings of Raggadorr --
though his spirit be infernal --
Zom must live once more!

ST 156 (S.L.) Banish: Self (Sat-Van Spell)

By the demons of darkness,
in the name of Satannish
by the Flames of the Faltine
Let Umar now vanish!


ST 157 (S.L.) Misc.: an Oath of Vengeance (Ing Spell)

In the name of the all-seeing
on the sight {{SIC}} of the Stonehenge --
in the name of the all-freeing
you shall be avenged!

ST 157 (S.L.) Banish: the Mystic Maze of Madness

In the name of the eternal Vishanti --
By the omniscience of my departed mentor --
Let the distortion cease!

ST 157 (S.L.) Control: Another Being (Zom)

Merciless fiend whose mane I entwine,
Do what you will, these strands must be mine!


ST 157 (S.L.) Space: Levitation Without a Cloak

May the Vapors of Valtorr,
where're they be found,
form a cushion about me
that I may float to the ground!

ST 158 (R.T.) Space: Teleportation

By the shades of the shadows --
by the Wand of Watomb --
may no object prevent me --
may I pass from this room!!

Anon. occultist

ST 158 (R.T.) Conjure: Rings of Raggadorr

By the awesome nameless race,
by the evil I abhor --
let my fearsome foe now face --
the Rings of Raggadorr!!

ST 158 (R.T.) Misc.: Restore Cloak

By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak --
by Hoggoth's Hoary horde --
by the dreaded demons of Denak --
my cloak now rise -- restored!!

ST 159 (R.T.) Conjure: a Strange Tale

Let the flames thus flicker low,
let the silent shadows steal,
let the lonely candles' glow
our mystic tale -- reveal!!

ST 159 (R.T.) Banish: an Evil Spell (Sat-Van Spell)

By the demons of darkness -
in the name of Satannish --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let Umar's spell vanish!!


ST 159 (R.T.) Conjure: a Vision

Let Hoggoth's pale hands
clutch the Wand of Watomb --
let death's golden sands
appear in this room!!

ST 159 (R.T.) Conjure: a Sign Leading to the Source of Evil

By yon long-forgotten spells --
by the Seraphim's grim shield --
to that place where evil dwells,
the way now stand -- revealed!

ST 160 (R.M.) Banish: an Enemy (Whence Spell)

By the Hoary Host of Hoggoth,
by the flawless Faltine's Flame,
let thy wicked power vanish
go thee back to whence thou came!

ST 160 (R.M.) Control: "The Spell of Exorcism"

By the Vapours {{SIC}} of Valtorr,
by Munnopor's moonlit maze --
let the shadow of thy heart
into my hands now -- blaze!

ST 162 (J.L.) Control: Transferral of Powers

By the loathesome demon's names --
by the thrice-infernal flames --
as you cringe in trembling fear --
beam your powers into this sphere!


ST 162 (J.L.) Conjure: Black Lightning

Soul of evil -- guide this dart
of black lightning to his heart!

ST 162 (J.L.) Banish: an Enemy (Whence Spell)

By the ghastly shades beyond,
let Hades' foulest flames
blast him back through fathoms dark --
to that world whence he came!!



ST 162 (J.L.) Banish: "The Spell of Cosmic Banishment" (Dimensional Travel to V.B.L. #23, vol. 2, page 17)

By the Seraphim's dread shadow --
by Munnopor's moonlit vale --
get thee hence, foul spawn of evil --
far beyond the cosmic pale!

ST 162 (J.L.) Space: Teleportation

By fire & smoke, let my mystic cloak
levitate me hence -- instantly!

ST 162 (J.L.) Banish: the Glass of Doom

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr
by the lance that Oshtur hurled
let the glass that here before me stands --
be cast forth from our world!

ST 163 (J.L.) Control: Attract Attention

By the Seraphim's command,
by Munnopor's mystic maze,
let their struggle dim its fury!
Unto me now draw their gaze!!

ST 163 (J.L.) Banish: the Talons of Cosmic Fire

By the Wand of Watoomb,
and the Seraphims' shade,
let these talons be quenched --
let their dread fire now fade!

ST 164 (J.L.) Space: Levitation With a Cloak

By the Vapors of Valtorr -- Let the magic
cloak of levitation slow my descent!

ST 165 (J.L.) Misc.: Open Doors

By the demons that swoop

o'er the shadowy shores --
let a mystical bolt

pierce these barrier doors!


ST 165 (J.L.) Misc.: 2nd Attempt at Opening Doors

Bolts burn brightly -- fiercely swell --
as I strengthen now my spell!

ST 165 (J.L.) Misc.: Last Ditch Attempt at Opening Doors

More powerful still -- by the sheer force of will!

ST 165 (J.L.) Misc.: Destruction of Threatening Things (Machines)

By the full powers at my command,
Let the Flames of the Faltine blast that
which threatens me!

ST 165 (J.L.) Conjure: Flaming Whip

By Cyttorak's seventh crimson band --
Let this flaming whip ensnare your hand!

ST 166 (D.A./J.L.) Conjure: Darkness

Pall of darkness -- gravelike gloom --
Enshroud this thing which seeks my doom!

ST 167 (D.O.) Space: Levitation

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
By the many Moons of Munnopor --
Let us be borne upon the winds!

ST 167 (D.O.) Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr

Omnipotent Oshtur, Lord of Skies,
let now the magic vapor rise!

[Note: two minds are needed for this incantation]

DS & A.O.

ST 168 (D.O.) Misc.: Using the Cloak of Levitation as a Weapon

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
By Oshtur's mystic prayer --
let the cloak of levitation
be a villain's snare!

ST 168 (D.O.) Conjure: Light

By the seven rings of Raggador [sic]
Let the amulet's beam guide me!

ST 168 (D.O.) Banish: Subjective Vikings (Whence Spell)

May the many Moons of Munnopor banish these phantom blade-wielders to the eternal void from whence they came!



DS 169 (R.T.; cf. ST 115 (S.L.)) Conjure Evil Power of Dormammu

Accept my offering of incense, O Dread Dormammu! Let the old fool feel your touch of death -- the sting of your hatred! Thus pleads Mordo -- he who is your most faithful disciple!

[Note: this is another translation from Mordo's spell from ST 115 (page 16, 2nd spell in this volume) -- the "Thomas version", a corrupt variation. the earlier "Lee version" is preferable.]


DS 169 (R.T.; cf. ST 115 (S.L.)) Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr and Form an "Iron Clamp" of Them

Hear me again, O Dormammu! Let the Vapors of Valtorr carry out my innermost desires! Let the lips of the western dog be forever stilled -- so that I am safe to do your bidding!

[Note: this is taken from the corrupt "Thomas" text. the original "Lee version" (ST 115) showed the vapours but gave no incantation]

DS 169 (R.T.; cf. ST 115 (S.L.)) Banish: Forces of Darkness

Begone, Forces of Darkness! By the power of the All-knowin Vishanti -- By the vision of the All-seeing Vishanti, I command you --- Begone!

[Note: this reformist version of spell no. 1, page 16 (from ST 115) demonstrates Thomas' attempt to remove the "stigma" of an invocation to Dormammu plus an inexplicable substitution of the Vishanti for Agamotto.]



DS 170 (R.T.) Control: Awaken an Enchanted Sleeper

By Oshtur's fearsome visage,
'fore which all things do shake --
by Hoggoth's Hoary legions,
which bid the cosmos quake --
let all veils now be lifted --
the Ancient One awake!!

DS 171 (R.T.) Conjure: the Herald of Satannish -- This Spell is Called "the Parable of Power (Sat-Van Spell)

From the realm of dread Satannish,
whence come the forms of fear,
let all dark veils now vanish --
thy herald now -- appear!

[Note: to be used in conjunction with an Orb.]

DS 172 (R.T.) Banish: Young Women to Earth-M (Whence Spell; Sat-Van Spell)

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
which bind the cosmic night --
by the mystic Moons of Munnopor
which bathe the stars in light --
by the power of great Satannish --
by the might of Oshtur's name --
let the captive girls now vanish --
return from whence I came!!

DS 172 (R.T.) Banish: Demons

By the power unparalleled which is mine -- by the sceptre of supremacy which has returned to me -- now be you consigned to oblivion unending! Dormammu has spoken!


DS 173 (R.T.) -- Banish: Vertigo

In the name of the All-seeing -- In the name of the All-freeing -- Let the Flames of the Faltine Now free me from this maddening merciless vertigo!


DS 173 (R.T.) Conjure: Cloud Conjealment

By the Vapors of great Valtorr,
which do all things conceal --
by the prowess of my mentor --
now let the clouds conjeal!!

DS 173 (R.T.) Banish: Beings From Whence They Came (Whence Spell)

Let the whirling winds of Watoomb rise from the nether regions ---- to carry you back from whence you came!

DS 174 (R.T.) Banish: Clock Pendulums

May Ikonn's shifting sands
now heed my uttered spell --
while Oshtur's mighty hands
yon pendulums dispell!

[Note: this spell is only partially successful -- the pendulums are transformed into fiery liquid, probablly because, although Ikonn may heed spells, his sands assuredly cannot.]

DS 175 (R.T.) Banish: To Stop Someone From Levitating

In the name of the ever watchful Vishanti -- Let waves of mystic force now waft the girl back to earth!

DS 175 (R.T.) Conjure: "The Invocation of Satannish"

From realms where planets bow before
one fearful entity --
come now -- our vengeful spirits shore -- {{sic}}
Satannish, hear our plea!

S.of S.


DS 175 (R.T.) Banish: Rings of

Negativistic, Nihilistic Force
By the seven Bands of Cyttorak --
by whom all things are held --
by the dark-souled Demons of Denak --
now be these bands dispelled!

DS 176 (R.T.) Control: Awaken Another From a Mystic Trance

May the Images of Ikonn dispell the haze which surrounds thee -- May the Omnipotent Oshtur restore thee to the land of the living!

DS 176 (R.T.) Conjure: Light (With the 3rd Eye)

Let the awesome Eye of Agamotto be as one with its bearer -- that its sacred light may illumine the skulking evil which cloaks itself in darkness!

DS 176 (R.T.) Banish: A Cube of Nothingness Composed of

Ribbons of Nihility
By the seven Rings of Raggadorr --
by the dozen Moons of Munnopor --
may the bonds that now beset me sore --
be now cast off -- forevermore!

DS 177 (R.T.) Banish: Protoplasmic Forms (or Anything

Which Abhors the Light)
By the Shades of the Seraphim
which rule the black of night --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let all be bathed in -- light!

DS 177 (R.T.) Conjure: An Image in an Orb

Hear me, O ye powers of Darkness -- Show me whither has gone the Book of the Vishanti -- that book on which supreme Asmodeus has laid his thrice-cursed hand!

[Note: to be used in conjunction with an orb.]



DS 177 (R.T.) Misc.: "The Trance of Transferral"

By the dark that hides the day --
by the misbegotten word
to one whom we obey --
our powers be now -- transferred!

S.of S.

DS 177 (R.T.) Banish: Dark Forces and a Mystic Trap

By the wisdom of Oshtur --
by the curse of Watoomb --
let the forces which threaten
now know only doom!

DS 177 (R.T.) Conjure: Ymir and Surtur ["The Spell of Fire and Ice"]

Thermidorus -- Frigibus -- Nihilius!!

[Note: to be spoken with the right hand on the Book of the Vishanti]


DS 178 (R.T.) Banish: Party-Goers (Sat-Van Spell)

By the demons of darkness --
in the name of Satannish --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let yon revelers vanish!!

DS 178 (R.T.) Conjure: Crystalline Imprisonment

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
by the myriad Moons of Munnopor --
may yon brutes which sprang from founts unseen --
be encased in prisons crystalline!!

AV 61 (R.T.) Control: To Teleport Demons (Sat-Van Spell)

By this crystal of Satannish
By the Hoary Hoggoth's race --
Now afar two demons vanish --
reappearing face to face!

[Note: to be used with the Crystal of Conquest]


DS 179 (SP Ann. 2; S.L.) Banish:Webslingers (Sat-Van Spell) [1st use of Sat-Van]

Demons of darkness!
In the name of Satannish!
By the Flames of the Faltine
Let Spiderman vanish!

DS 179 (SP Ann. 2; S.L.) Control: Involuntary Telepathy

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I order you to unlock your brain, so that I may learn all that exists within your past!

DS 180 (R.T.) Banish: Vikings and Savages Who Intrude into the Present

By Hoggoth's grim clan,
by Valtorr's dread clime --
let arms and their man
now fade from this time!

DS 181 (R.T.) Banish: Demons to a Darksome Doom (Said to be "a Long-forgotten Spell)

From their bitter blazing land --
may the Faltine raise their hand.
May their flames now leap and hiss --
open wide great abyss!!

DS 181 (R.T.) Banish: Demons by Conjealing Them

Mighty Oshtur, tower of towers --
without limit are thy powers!
To yon fiendish ones, reveal them --
into one mass now -- congeal them!

DS 181 (R.T.) Conjure: Light & Eye

Awaken, O Mystic Eye of Agamotto! Let the Dark One again feel your sting of Truth and Light!


DS 182 (R.T.) Misc.: Cloak and Amulet Control

Let my cloak be now transported
thru {{sic}} the dark enshrouding gloom --
let it fly as if 'twere living --
for it runs a race with doom! --
let the eye that hath offended
now make haste to its own tomb!
and let all now join their master,
on the Winds of wild Watoomb!!

DS 183 (R.T.) Conjure: Illusion of One's Body

By the images of Ikonn --
by the Wand of weird Watoomb --
let a gazer fix his eye 'pon
my form sleeping in this room!

DS 183 (R.T.) -- Conjure: Light

As the three dark shades detect me --
may the Seraphim direct me --
may they shield me and protect me!
Let the shrouding night be gone --
Let the loathsome pit-born spawn
stand before me midst the dawn!

[Note: accompanied by ripping open the curtains]

SUB 22 (R.T.) Banish: False Appearances

By the sands that time has shifted --
by the Winds of weird Watoomb --
let the masking veil be lifted
though it means a demon's doom!


H 126 (R.T.) Banish: Someone to the Realm of Night-Crawler (no. #37)

Let the spinning disk be whirled,
like the Winds of wild Watoomb --
let the man who thus is hurled
usher in a planet's doom --
let Satannish grant thee power
let Dormammu give thee speed --
that ere long may sound the hour
the Undying Ones are freed!!

Van Nyborg

H 126 (R.T.) Space: Teleportation to Earth

By the Seraphim's silent chant --
by Munnopor's mystic Moon --
may omnipotent Oshtur grant --
this fateful final boon!!


MP 3 (S.L.) Control: Stop a Truck

Halt -- In the name of the Vishanti!

[Note: Dr.S. only imagines he has spoken this spell.]

MP 3 (S.L.) Conjure: Tiling a House

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr, Let my portal close -- and let it open to none till the spell be ended!

[Note: an imaginary spell, as Dr.S. is actually being put into an ambulance at the time.]

MP 3 (S.L.) Misc.: Release the E.F. From the P.B. (Ing Spell)

In the name of the All-seeing,
in the name of the All-spawning,
in the name of the All-freeing --
let my ectoplasmic form be borning!

MP 3 (S.L.) Conjure: an Image in the Orb of Agamotto

In the name of the All-seeing,
in the name of the All-knowing,
in the name of the All-being --
let your visage now be showing!


MP 3 (S.L.) Conjure: Light & Eye

I summon forth the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto! Now let my amulet open!

MP 3 (S.L.) Control: Brainwash

There have been mystic words -- enchanted thoughts unleashed here this night -- By the Shield of the Seraphim, let them be banished from your brain!

MP 5 (G.F.) Conjure: Vapours of Valtorr

I call upon the Vapors of Valtorr to surround us! Let their hidden lightnings serve my will!

MP 5 (G.F.) Misc.: To Restore a Broken Orb

By the power in the wood,
by the power in the stone,
let these shattered shards alone
be now as they always should!


MP 6 (G.F.) Control: By Means of a Cloak

By the Sacred Vishanti -- Let my Cloak of Levitation rise -- and pull that trident from her grasp!

MP 7 (G.F.) Control: To Clear a Hypnotised Mind

I call upon the good spirits
in the astral plane! Guide these magicks I direct
at Stephen Strange!

MP 8 (G.F.) Banish: "Living Wickedness" From Furniture

Let the Flames of the Faltine blaze forth -- to quell this unholy usurpation of inanimate matter! Back to your former shapes, let that frightful spirit that is within you -- begone!


MP 8 (G.F.) Conjure: a Spiral of Demon-Destroying Energy Now do I name Raggadorr and Cyttorak as well! Let Ikonn & Watoomb join their ranks and thus shall the growing spiral swell! 'Round and about me let it whip gathering matter in its grip! Stab out, spiral, lash out force!
Now shall these energies take their course!

MP 9 (S.E.) Banish: Servants of Kaa-U

Demons of darkness, hear my plea: let the servants of Kaa-U fall before me!

MP 10 (S.E.) Misc.: a "Dangerous" Spell of Self-Radiation With Light

Let the arcane Eye of Agamotto rise from my Amulet -- and focus all my sorcerous strengths within myself!

MP 12 (S.E.) Space: Teleportation

Shades of the Seraphim -- select from the day
power enough to wish us away!


MP 12 (S.E.) --- Conjure: Illusion of Normality

Let my form change -- to disguise my true garb wtih more conventional fashions!

MP 13 (S.E.) Banish: a Disguise

Let deception vanish
within this mystic space
let Mordo in his wisdom see --
your true form -- and your face!



DS 1 (S.E.) Misc.: To Cease Dying

Agamotto O crystal --
where bound'ries decay --
I know the will to live --
grant me the way!

DS 4 (S.E.) --- Misc.: Spell Against Death Which Was "Not Permitted"

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti, through the hands of omnipotent Oshtur -- Aaargh!{{sic}}

DS 6 (S.E.) Banish: Umar

Now Umar so haughty --
no more hold you sway!
May the Winds of Watoomb --
waft you away!

DS 7 (S.E.) Control: Another's Mind

By the Shades of the Shadowy Demons -- let his mind collapse before mine!


DS 7 (S.E.) Conjure: The Circle of Cyttorak

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti, grant me the Circle of Cyttorak!


DS 9 (S.E.) Conjure: Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

Seven rings has Raggadorr --
indigo to deepest black --
but Oshtur grant me something more --
crimson Bands of Cyttorak!

DS 9 (S.E.) Misc.: to Free the Earth Spirit

Imprisoned in amphora
sleeps the dim and monstrous Zom --
he never shall escape again
his barricades are strong --
but not all prisons are so cold --
for them there is a key --
a goddess in her paradise,
great Oshtur must pluck free!


DS 9 (S.E.) Banish: Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

Vanish away now, Bands of red --
the need for you has likewise fled!

DS 10 (S.E.) Conjure: Mists of Morpheus

Vapors of Valtorr --
swirl 'round thy brow!
may the Moon's Mists of Morpheus
envelop thee now!

DS 10 (S.E.) Conjure: the Illusion of Reality

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti,
I conjure the illusion of reality for humanity's minds once more!

DS 11 (S.E.) Space: Teleportation

By candle-dark and starry day --
out from this place I would away!

DS 12 (S.E.) Control: Banish Another's Consciousness (Sat-Van Spell)

Demons of darkness --
in the name of Satannish --
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let Clea's mind vanish!



DS 13 (S.E.) Banish: Night-Gaunts

The dark forces gather --
then die with the dawn --
by the light deep within me

TOD 44 (M.W.) Conjure: Image in an Orb

In the name of the All-Seeing, the All-Knowing, the All-Freeing, -- appear before me now! Rise from the Eye of Agamotto -- rise before the Sorcerer Supreme! Doctor Strange commands it!

[Note: must be used with an orb.]

DS 14 (S.E.) Banish: the Spell of Darkness

By the power of the Undead and the power of hte All-Life -- I abjure the spell of Darkness from thy brow -- and now -- myself!

DS 15 (S.E.) Conjure: an Awning to Cushion Someone's Fall

In the name of the eternal Ancient One --
in the name of Adam Qadmon
let she who beholds death's silvery grin
not yet depart the sun!

DS 15 (S.E.) -Conjure: Mists of Morpheus

Vaapors of Valtorr --
swirl 'round thy brow!
May the Moon's Mists of Morpheus
envelop thee now!

DS 15 (S.E.) Banish: Demons

Back, spawn of Evil!
Back to your leprous halls!


DS 16 (S.E.) Conjure: Power

In the name of the All-Life Tetragrammaton -- grant me thy might!

[Note: this one doesn't work for magic is "a fickle ally"]

DS 16 (S.E.) Misc.: Transmute Ordure to Water

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti,
the King, Queen, Son and Daughter --
may the filth in which I'm sinking now --
transmute to surging water!

DS 18 (S.E.) Banish: Sea Monster

In the name of hte dream that grew --
in the name of the dream that died --
cast this creature from the dark sea depths --
down again, and from our side!

DS 18 (S.E.) Conjure: Winds

Poseidon, deep father --
through thy realm we go --
we'd sail without seamen --
if thy winds would blow!

DS 19 (S.E.) Banish: Skeletal Illusion

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
Away with you! Away! --
In the name of the Eternal Vishanti --
Return to the earth & mud which spawned you!

DS 20 (M.W.) Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

By enchantments Satannic,
by evil Tyrannic --
no spell shall they wield
to shatter Seraphim's shield!


DS 20 (M.W.) Conjure: Power

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
Give me power! Give me the power!
The power!

DS 20 (M.W.) Banish: Falsehood

Illusions of Ikonn -- reveal the truth to your master! Unveil the lies I see before me! Reveal what I've come here to find!

DS 20 (M.W.) Banish: Winds of Watoomb

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti -- let the Winds of Watoomb cease!

ANN 1 (M.W.) Banish: Storms

I command the storms to cease -- Calmness to your seas! Calmness along the pathways which lead to Allandra! The Empress of Phaseworld thus commands!


ANN 1 (M.W.) Control: Power Over Others "An Enchantment that None Can Resist."

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti -- cease!

[Note: accompanied by a mudra linking the little fingers of both hands together]

DS 22 (M.W.) --- Conjure: Snakes From Guns

By the Vipors of Valtorr! You will be stopped!


DS 22 (M.W.) Conjure: Hurricane

Let he winds howl! Let my power be the power!


DS 22 (M.W.) Conjure: Octopus

Let the Vermin control the earth!



DS 22 (M.W.) Control: Teleport Others to an Assumed VBL

Winds of the Watoomb
take the innocents away!
Hide them in the deepest shadows --
lest evil hold sway!

DS 22 (M.W.) Control: to Reverse the Foregoing Spell

Let all be as it once was!

DS 22 (M.W.) Control: Psychoprophylaxis

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth --
by all that is sacred and true!
By the sinister Sons of Satannish --
let Clea's mind be new!

DS 23 (M.W.) Banish: Misbegotten Roots

By the power of the dread Dormammu --
by the omniscience of the venerated Ancient One --
I call upon the Eternal Vishanti --
for all misbegotten to begone! Begone!

DS 28 (M.W.) Misc.: to Restore a Cosmos to its Original Shape

In the name of the All-Seeing --
Let my Cosmos be restored!

DS 29 (R.S.) Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim

'Fore the gathering doom
may my power never yield --
let the Winds of Watoomb
strengthen Seraphim's Shield!

DS 30 (R.S.) Conjure: Light and Guidance

By Daranthon's lost lore
make the darkness recede
and to my master's side
let thy mystic light lead!



DS 30 (R.S.) Banish: Despair Through Light

By the power that moves
and breathes and flows
and grows with us as one --
may Nirvalon quash all despair
through pure white light
be done!

Dr.S. & C.

DS 31 (D. Mc/R.S.) Banish: a Villain into a Pocket-Dimension

Let the risks all now be ending
let the blade fly to its heir!
And in Dyzakk's Cage Unbending
shall the villain drift fore'er!


DS 32 (R.S.) Space: Teleportation to Nightmare's World (no. #1).

Arise, you sulfurous mists! Heed the power of Fear! Carry me now to The Realm Unreal -- carry me to -- The Dimension of Dreams!


DS 32 (R.S.) Conjure: a Triple Shield of Protection

By the Images of Ikonn --
by the Darkhold's foul Tree --
let our aegis grow thrice-fold --
so mote it be!

[Note: this "radical spell" requires "careful co-ordination of incantation & movement" and it must be performed between two mirrors.]

Dr.S. & C.

DS 32 (R.S.) Banish: an Evil Bird

Bird of evil -- hear my call!
By Balthakk's Bolts shall now you fall!

L.M. (Lou Mougin) p. 3

MNS 7 (W.R.) Effect??

By Oshtur's fearsome visage,
before which all things do shake,
by Hoggoth's hoary legions
which bid the cosmos quake....
[Note: This is a re-use of the spell to awaken an enchanted sleeper in DS 170 , with the part about the sleeper left off and the scansion of line 2 ruined. The original was committed to paper by scribe R.T., who had a finer ear for poetry than W.R.]

MNS 7 (W.R.) Banish: Horde of Demons

The dark forces gather,
then die with the dawn.
By the light deep within me --
[Note: This is a re-use of the spell to banish Night Gaunts in DS 13 , first committed to paper by scribe S.E.]

Back to 46

DS 33 (R.S.) Banish: Mirror Images (Whence Spell)

Return -- return to the shining surface
from whence you came --
your native reality, the bi-dimensional plane.


DS 33 (R.Mc.) Banish: Evil Entity

O beam of purest light,
heightened by Aggamon's distant might,
smite this entity of evil
and remove his substance from my sight!

[Note: the light from the Amulet of Agamotto
must be focused through the Purple
Crystal of Aggamon.]

DS 33 (R.Mc) Banish: Cold / Conjure: Warmth

I call upon the Flames of the Faltine to dissolve this frigid prison as the Shield of the Seraphim surrounds my love with its warming glow.

DS 33 (R.Mc.) Banish: Tempest

Cease your fury, O thundrous tempest. Your master bids you -- abate!

DS 33 (R.Mc.) Conjure Nightmare

Let the Vapours of Valtorr divide,
in the name of the All-seeing
reveal my ancient enemy,
in whose realm all lay dreaming.

DS 33 (R.Mc.) Conjure: Faltine Flames

Let the unquenchable Flames of the Faltine consume you in their emerald embrace.

DS 33 (R.Mc.) Conjure: Light

Let Agamotto's all-revealing Light
Illuminate the emptiness of your tainted soul.

DS 33 (R.Mc.) Misc.: Reassemble Broken Statue

Let the All-seeing Eye come forth -- and reverse the flow of time. As Agamotto grants this request and bids you statue arise. Arise!

[Note: all words to the contrary, Time's flow is not really
reversed here. All that transpires is the
reassembling of a broken statue.]

D.C. (David Cuccio) p. 1

DS 38 (C.C.) Summon: Astral Body to Earth Plane

By the demons that swoop o'er the shadowy shores --
Let a mystical bolt pierce these barrier doors!
In the name of the Eternal Vishanti!
Let the trances by done
let the veil be torn,
with new life begun,
be you now -- reborn!


DS 38 (C.C.) Conjure: Gaping Abyss

From the bitter blazing land
may the Faltine raise their hand --
may their flames now leap and hiss
open wide a great abyss!

DS 39 (C.C.) Banish: Illusory Presence(Whence Spell)

By the Omnipotent Oshtur! By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! In the name of the Eternal Vishanti! Spirit form -- begone! Return to the dust from whence thou came!

DS 39 (C.C.) Transfer: Forms

By the light that gives life --
By the power that we serve --
in the name of the right --
let our forms be transferred!!


DS 39 (C.C.) Banish: Illusions

By the sand that time has shifted --
By the Winds of Weird Watoomb --
let the masking veil be lifted --
though its lifting might bring doom!

DS 40 (C.C.) Banish: Spirit (Whence Spell)

By the Hoary Host of Hoggoth --
By the Flawless Faltine's flame --
let thy wicked power vanish!
Go back to whence thou came!

D.C. p. 2

DS 40 (C.C.) Conjure: Constraining Rings

By the awesome nameless race --
by the evil I abhor --
let my fearsome foe now face --
the Roving Rings of Raggadorr!

DS 42 (C.C.) Conjure: Concealing Mists

By the Vapors of Great Valtorr,
which do all things conceal.
By the powers of my mentor,
now let the clouds congeal!

DS 44 (C.C.) Banish: Weapon's Power

By the Winds of Watoomb,
and the Seraphim's Shade,
let these mystic darts be quenched,
let their dread fire now fade!

DS 44 (C.C.) Release: Captive

In the name of the Tetragrammaton!
O Great Unmanifest!
Hear my plea!
Let this soul of one who died for love, for life --
be free!!

65 {{Volume One, MS. Page 48}}


SP 109 (S.L.) Space: Levitation With a Cloak

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr --
Since I have donned my cloak of levitation --
We shall journey now together!

SP 109 (S.L.) Banish: Weapon (Sat-Van Spell)

Demons of darkness
in the name of Satannish
by the Flames of the Faltine --
let yon weapon now vanish!

SP 109 (S.L.) Control: to Awaken Someone From a Trance

In the name of the Eternal Vishanti --
let the trance be done!
Let the veil be torn!
With new life begun --
be you now -- reborn!

GR 30 (R.Mc.) Banish: Demonic Motorcyclist

By the fearsome Flames of Faltine
and by Umar's cursed pawn
in the name of the Vishanti --
go to Hades, demon-spawn!

GR 31 (R.Mc.) Banish: Dormammu

Now as I speak the arcane rune
let swirl the raging Wind of Watoomb!
And to his own dark world unnamed
may Dormammu be reclaimed!

HTD Treas. (S.G.) Banish: Combatants With Vapors of Valtorr

Come ye, Vapors of Valtorr, ye billows of enchantment, and waft away these combatants 'upon your wind of sorrow and silence!


70 {{Volume One, MS. Page 49}}


[A note on these spells: In 1978, while indexing all the spells published to date in the Strange Tales / Dr. Strange mythos, i believed that recent writers had fallen far from the high quality of rhymed spells that had once distinguished the series, especially under the scripting aegis of Stan Lee and Roy Thomas. When i spoke to a couple of Marvel writers about this, they told me that they felt rhymed spells were difficult to create. In response, i wrote a selection of samples to demonstrate to them that rhymed spells in various meters are easy and fun to concoct. Several of the demonstraion spells i wrote contained references to facets of actual occultism or to fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories outside the comic book series, which i thought might be worthwhile for the scripters to read for inspiration. In preparing this material for the web, i have appended pointers to some of those references as notes.]

CY Conjure: Power

Omnipotent Oshtur, hear my plea --
as I will, so mote it be!

[Note: A reference to Freemasonry and its linguistic, if not philosophical, derivative, Gardnerian Wicca.]

CY Banish: Darkness

By the hissing of Hoggoth
whose words are unspoken --
may the powers of darkness
lie scattered and broken!

CY Control: Sap Another's Strength (Sat-Van Spell)

By the loathsome mark of the Yellow Sign
my power shall grow & yours decline --
my strength shall wax and yours shall vanish --
I command -- in the name of Supreme Satannish!

[Note: A reference to a favourite fantasy-horror book, "The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers, as well as a demonstration of how one might vary the all-too-predictable Sat-Van Spell formula by reversing the positions of the words "Satannish" and "vanish."]

CY Misc.: "The Emerald Law"

In Hermes' name -- as above so below
by Faltine's Flame -- it must be so!

[Note: A reference to The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismagistis.]

CY Banish: Mystic Bonds

I call thy name, Eternity --
unbound thou art by space or time!
The cosmos dances to thy tune --
yet i shall bind my will to thine!
Eternity -- I will it so --
that as thou art, so shall I be!
Eternity -- I call thy name --
no bonds can hold me -- I am free!

[Note: A demonstration of quartain form, varying from the usual couplets employed by the scripters.]

CY Conjure: Light

Gather darkness, stars like dust --
dream questers do that which they must --
begone, ye demons of the night --
Agamotto -- light! More light!

[Note: A reference to three favourite science fiction and fantasy tales of my youth ("Gather Drakness" by Fritz Leiber, "The Stars Like Dust" by Isaac Asimov, and "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath" by H. P. Lovecraft), as well as a nod to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's famous Freemasonic last words.]

71 {{Volume One, MS. Page 50}}

CY Conjure: Rings of Raggadorr

By the curse that befell Bethmoora --
by her death in the Strangling Sands --
may the roving Rings of Raggadorr
entrap your helpless hands!

[Note: A reference to a fantasy story by Lord Dunsany.]

CY Conjure: Winds

By the Shadow Out of Time
by the Colour Out of Space --
by Ningauble's Seven Eyes --
and by Sheelba's eyeless face --
by the whisperer in darkness --
and the awesome nameless race --
we shall ride upon the winds --
Watoomb, lift us from this place!

[Note: A reference to some of my favourite stories by H. P. Lovecraft and Fritz Leiber.]

CY --- Conjure: Mystic Bonds ("The Spell of Seven Sevens")

By all the seven deaths Satannish brings
my foe encased in seven crimson Bands!
Encircle him with seven roving rings!
As seven seas do circumscribe the lands!
By seven darkly shadowed Seraphim
whose seven veils the secret sigils hide --
these powers shall enshroud & prison him
'til seven seals at last shall open wide!

[Note: The comic book scripters made no use of conventional real-world magical number symbolism, so i demonstrated here how it might be done.]

CY Conjure: Visions in an Orb

Ningauble of the Seven Eyes
and Sheelba of the eyeless face --
let Agamotto's orb now rise
revealing truth, by Oshtur's grace!

[Note: More Friz Leiber.]

CY Misc.: Strengthen Another

By Faltine's greater Flames
may these worldly fires pale --
and may the sacred Seraphim
restore this body frail!


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